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Impressive Custom Tiny House with Super Unique Design Features

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In the episode, we will see an Impressive Custom Tiny House with Super Unique Design Features located in New York.

This family’s ultra custom 32‘ tiny house on wheels was built by D’Arcy from Acorn Tiny Homes.  It has a beautiful chef’s kitchen, a cozy living room, a home office loft, two large loft bedrooms, an atrium shower & bathtub, and a super functional entrance with storage, a washing machine, and more.  This house is bright and beautiful, and it’s packed with loads of functionality, storage, and space-saving design ideas.

The Kitchen

In the kitchen space, everything is a modem so you have a nice granite sink and the countertop open so that we could use our freezer we went through a couple of different iterations of dying racks until we came across this so it floats over the sink everything drains into the sink and in drawer dishwasher in our house everything drains into the sink.

The Living room of the house

The living room was one of those areas because, in the living room, we spend most of our time on the couch anyways now that said we’re still at six ten and a half our couch sits on top of our wheel well we just look an off-the-shelf couch took its legs off and then made our own storage unit to go underneath it and support the couch so we have some nice deep storage here.


So super quick and simple just pop it forward a little bit voila so you can sleep six in this it’s small but it’s comfortable and it does everything that we want it to we also needed a tiny house couch and then you can find a Smart TV In here you can watch on Netflix.

The Bathroom of the house

In the room surrounded by windows here a lot of my inspiration came from a Japanese tiny house designer name John Hirohito who had this beautiful tiny house that he built where the outside just seamlessly flows into the showerhead is a nice four-foot wide bathtub.


The Bedroom of the house

This is your bedroom you can see at least for me jersey’s a little bit taller, the shape of the roof that we did we’ve learned from the tiny house on a window on either side for the cross breeze is really cool his room is actually inspired by some artwork that we got from japan.


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