HUGE Tiny House W/ sunroom is her affordable retirement plan

In the episode, we will see a  HUGE tiny house w/ sunroom is her affordable retirement plan located in Clinton, Washington, United States.

This is a brand new tiny house the original house is 10 by 32 so it’s pretty room but there were some pieces of furniture we just did want to leave behind we added a sun porch which is 12×21 just to suit that furniture and we spent most of the tiny house.

the living room of the tiny house

In the living room, we have an amazing chair and couch and you have a Christmas tree you lovingly call my lady I got a dress from you got a petticoat from, and then I wired the Garland to it and decorated it on my own I love it and so does everyone to keep going it all year decorate her for Halloween and this living room is really large space.

the bedroom

There’s your bedroom so you have a bed area and you got a fireplace and queen size bed and behind the curtains is a 5×5 picture window on the side you got as a Randy rack and you can see up here on the other side is where keep you keep like the canned food.

And on the wall, you can see pots and pans we don’t want to take up a lot of room pots and pans are so deep, and just put some artificial wood up there and hung my knives in my pots and pans and it just really made a lot of room space and you can see two chairs in here that very cool.

the kitchen

The Kitchen area it’s pretty so you have a large fridge freezer and a large sink and on the counter, you can find a cup and a microwave and everything you need in this room it is very comfortable.

Tiny house

the bathroom

In this room you have a full-size washer and dryer they were side by side on pedestals but just attached a stacking kit and in here all the bathroom items and I have an LED mirror it’s very nice, and in there you have a four-by-six-foot walk-in shower extremely luxurious you can’t have anything and you also have you toilet.

Tiny house


Tiny house

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