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HUGE 3-STORY DOUBLE A-FRAME CABIN w/ 3 Outdoor Decks & Amazing Views

In the episode, we will see a HUGE 3-STORY DOUBLE A-FRAME CABIN w/ 3 Outdoor Decks & Amazing Views located in the United States.

This is a three-story, double A-Frame cabin that comes with, not one, not two but three come with, not one, not two but three outdoor areas, and the outdoor you can park your car under here there’s also a girl waiting for you and one of the many entrances, this essentially just felt like two gigantic cabins mashed together into one it’s perfect for any large group or family.

Inside the kitchen which is the first room you’ll enter through the main door and you have your sink over there on the left-hand side these beautiful blue cabinets that wrap all the way around, you have a microwave all the appliances you may need a very well-stocked kitchen in one area, you plenty of supplies augured dishes and glasses, and there are two stools at the end of the counter.

In the A-frame ceilings, in particular, you really make love that unique lighting fixture and also those wooden beams that cross up at the top, and that door also leads to one of the many outdoor decks but you have a dining table here it can fit up to eight people and this part of the room definitely caught my eye as well.

Near the kitchen you have a bathroom number one of three It’s very modern and I loved the color scheme so you have a toilet and a shower it looks really beautiful and modem you also have a mirror in here too that is very nice.

This hall and enter into the bathroom it’s very clean and have everything you need and you also have a large tub in here there’s looks beautiful.

This is number one of three bedrooms it’s simple but modern there’s two lamp and a TV at the end of the bed Also there nice little cabinets, which make for some great storage space on both sides of the bed You’ll definitely get a great night’s sleep here Now onto the other side of this bottom floor.

If we go to the left of the staircase, you will enter into what I’d probably call the main common space on this bottom floor you have two chairs and a couch a map of the national park, and a washer and dryer in the corner if we look out now, these are three more room on the floor.

This is the bunk bedroom this is another bedroom this is where I imagine the kids would sleep if you’re here with a group or your family and on this one side as well there’s a shelf and dresser for some storage Directly.

This the master bedroom you have plenty of closet space against this one wall, and in the most spacious of the three bedrooms. You have plenty of closet space against this one wall.

Into the bathroom, it’ll probably remind you of the bathroom upstairs. I loved, again, the blue paint job, though, especially the tiling on the floor definitely caught my eye. I thought that the host did a great job on the shower. But now we will exit the bathroom to check out of the best parts of this bottom floor.

Outside of another outdoor deck space, this particular space has a hammock and plenty of seating options, of course, it comes with more view but just basically popped right outside of my bedroom here and began my day with the mountain tea sitting in this hammock.


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