House Steading Family Living Off-Grid in a Spectacular Earth Ship

In the episode, we will see Awesome Tiny House Boat Tour Man Living on the Water located Russia.

the exterior of the House

This house, which is a kind of earth ship, 10 years ago and we renovated it while we were living in Quebec City and we now live full-time in it for 2 years, this home also have a big garden out side about 250 square meters and we also have a kind of self sufficiency and the garden give us a lot of food for a winter we collected plenty of fruit and freeze them and very thing live in nature.

This house had built this house 30 years ago, so he was a pioneer in building, kind of, earth ships here in Quebec. He built this house all by himself, it took him 5 years to build it with the rocks from the land here, and the beams from the forest. And so he built the house, lived in it, and then he left for 7 years and he was sad that the house was getting bad.


The total house is around 100 square meters with 35 square meters for the greenhouse. We made it bigger because we wanted to have a living space in here. So we are now in the greenhouse, that’s where we have a lot of our meals because we have a table here.

We also have our bathroom in the greenhouse, too, with a toilet and a shower. And we have an extra bed for the visit, and as a sofa. And inside the house, we have…its like a loft so we have our bed, our daughter’s bed, we have the kitchen, and the dining room. And in the back we have a root cellar and outside we have a shed and another toilet, a composting toilet.


We have two dry composting toilets. So one is inside, and in winter when it’s freezing cold outside the other one is outside and it’s the main one The house itself works very well in winter, and even without heat it will stay above zero degrees.

And the former owner, he loved winter here. So someone who wants to live very relaxed and read books all winter long, it’s a perfect place for this. And even in February for example, you can be here with little clothes and it can be warm on a sunny day but most of the time because we are travel and we like discovering other places, and it’s part of our lifestyle, most of the time.


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