Hobbit Homes in the hills of Tennessee! Tiny House

In the episode, we will see the Hobbit Homes in the hills of Tennessee! Tiny House is located in Canada.

The parking lot here and we built a hobbit wall to hobbit wall to separate the regular world from the Mountain shower proper it’s got an awesome people door but if you’re a hobbit or Luna then you probably prefer a hobbit door we have a hobbit door too it’s about hundred feet long there are all cedar logs.

We have five Hobbit houses now the first one we called the Cozy and it’s very woody and it’s sort of like a hobbit hunting lodge and then the woodland creatures the third one is the vibrant theme it is sort of like a french coffee house of Art Gallery these are a lot of classic paintings on the wall very cozy and comfortable and then the serenity is new AG it’s sort like a spa.

In the living room, you got a couch that’s super comfortable and you need lots of drawers and shelves and places to put your stuff these were custom designed as an overnight rental.

For the tiny house kitchen, we built some custom trim again out of cedar these are old beams from a 90-year-old tobacco barn bought the whole thing and took it apart took all the nails out we got a lot of that wood all over the property.

The bathroom here it’s behind this cool little door we got some herbs in here to keep it smelling nice the toilet is a regular standard plus toilet and you know full-size shower.

We have a little bedroom up here and it’s as cozy as it’s a queen mattress it’s very private and beautiful so the woodland and the woodland is the most classically hobbit house we have on the inside it really looks like a little cabin that hobbit might actually live in and it’s called the woodland because it’s here in the woods it’s very very natural font there are some lanterns there with the candle affected night look great.

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