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HOBBIT HOLE Earth House is “Lord of The Rings” Replica

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In the episode, we will see HOBBIT HOLE! Her Earth House is a “Lord of the Rings” Replica located in the United Geneva, Florida.

The Hobbit house. We got this little garden yard, some chairs rocking chairs, and the hangout in the yard. There are lots of flowers, window boxes, and things like that. And then we have the iconic door, which is made from a cable spool. So it was really inexpensive. This one is about five feet, maybe a couple of inches over five feet.

the bedroom of the house

The bedroom. And I put the bed right here so that you can lay in bed, have the door open and see this crazy cool view and the bed I got these just wood panels, and you can look out and see the view or you’re looking at our fireplace.


the bathroom

The bathroom had a wooden bowl that was going to be the bathroom sink. And so I kind of went from there and designed the rest of the space, But then I happened to find this wood jacuzzi and it wasn’t quite the right size. I had to trim it out, but it would fit in this Cove and it just worked out so well. And so that sits there underneath the porthole window. And it’s a great little soaker tub My goal is to have spaces that are super cool.


The little seating area and the chess pieces. There’s a little box that people can remove and use more like a table for eating or whatever craft you want to do, or you can actually play chess. And then on the wall, I have a water barrel. And so we have drinking water there. And then we have this craftsmen table that was built with this beam. And I added a lot of wood-whittling tools there. And we leave a block of wood that guests can carve out.


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