Her 1st Tiny House Crashed!! So She Made a Better One

In the episode, we will see Her 1st Tiny House Crashed!! So She Made a Better One located in Georgia.

The Exterior

This tiny house is called just be tiny 2.0. I first found out about tiny houses when I was living in Georgia. At the time my family went through some hardships, So this is on the double axle, 24-foot trailer, eight and a half standard feet wide. And at its highest point 13 and a half standard height. And this model is called the Pacific Mountaineer. This side of the exterior shed contains my propane tanks. I have a five-gallon and a seven-gallon propane tank.

This is the entrance to my tiny house. And also multifunctional space. This site is a little bench platform underneath on one side. I can store my shoes and my boots on this side.

The loft of the tiny house

The loft is a queen-size memory foam bed. I’ve never slept better in my life. I have this large window here, which is the exit window in case of an emergency, but what’s different about this loft is the fact it has this extra space right here.

the kitchen of this tiny house

This was original suburban three burner stove and oven that was the original suburban three burner stove and oven that was in the original tiny house we made it however the ranger hood, everything functional and reachable as well as the aesthetic white tiny house we know that your counter space is so precious, and we also have a fridge has bottom down freezer.

the bathroom

In the bathroom we have a toilet we did not opt for the composting toilet because we are not off-grid having a flush toilet with plumbing underneath the house and being able to just plug up is great and this is an original sink and we also have muscles and we can definitely soak your muscles in the horse tort.


Tiny house

This room we called is a multifunctional day office guests bed and my slice of heaven this is your bed it’s on the platform and it has storage space underneath this room feels so big because of the high ceiling and then natural lighting this haft of the room is the office and it’s a swing-out desk and it’s on Acacia wood we do of my office work from this place.

Tiny house


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