He Bought a Forgotten Island & Built a Tiny Home

In the episode, we will see a He bought a forgotten island & built a tiny home located in Sarasota, Florida.

This tiny house we built an in that process found that it was a good fit the structure itself took 24 hours to build since it was a panel system but the overall project took about a year and a half and this house itself is 320 square feet and it can sleep four people two and once bed and two in another bed and two in other bed it the really cool part about it that it’s an octagon.

The bedroom

In the bed room you have a queen size bed here nice soft memory foam mattress cool little teak table I found on craigslist for free I fixed it cleaned it up and I think it’s great for a nice nightstand these two windows are nice in here as well as the lights with these windows really opens this space up kept the top of this wall open in order to let more air in from the ac unit our pocket doors here nice cool lumber doors being able to have a full-length door is pretty nice in hearing.

the living room

This is the living room I decided to do polished concrete floors throughout the home one for the durability of it and two it being the foundation of the home it actually helps keep the place cooler I found this couch actually online but the cool part about this couch is that it actually folds out into a full-length bed so it being 320 square feet I still technically have two beds in the tiny house which is kind of nice this is what I call like the bar breakfast area.

Tiny home

The kitchen

The kitchen makes it feel even bigger with an apartment-style fridge and then another pocket door and this pocket door has a full-length mirror on the outside all right now this is the bathroom full flush toilet which is cool I also have a washer and dryer combo here I like this one just because it uses heat instead of steam, in order to dry, seems to dry the clothes a lot better and then I built this little cabinet area in order to have storage for you know towels and beach towels.

Tiny home

The bathroom of the tiny home

In the bathroom we also have a big open shower it’s a weird shape which was my first tile work and a little difficult but it’s super spacious and we got a rainfall shower head corner sink we actually found this one online just because it fit the space so perfectly.

Tiny home

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