Handcrafted Magical Cyclops Tiny House

In the episode, we will see the Handcrafted Magical Cyclops Tiny House located in Gold Bar, Washington, United States.

In the Pacific Northwest here at the Cyclops cabins, you can see the Cyclops cabin drone window one of the biggest ones we’ve ever seen this cabin is awesome. This state just beautiful mountains all around there’s a river not too far from here as well the trees.

On the stair, you can get a small front porch area and a couple of seating options on this deck string lights all the way around you and see a green exterior color with this wood there’s even a small pathway over here to walk up to a small fire pit it is pretty cool.

This Cyclops cabin is very cozy and I love the wood everywhere this is just a perfect cabin for being here in the woods in the pacific northwest and it is very spacious if I had to guess the walls are 12 feet wide and that is important for a tiny house.

the living room area

The Living room area but the eyepiece is definitely this round window we have never seen and they’re pretty rare to begin with because they’re expensive they’re really hard to put and install and just look good, they put it on the best all they could because if features all the nature that we were highlighting, so you got some bookshelves above the couch space and overall this living room is really really spacious.

The Dining area is a very small dining table right here with a couple of seats behind this we got the fridge and some shelving options with games and other things that you might need for kitchen space and then speaking of the kitchen.

the kitchen

This kitchen space is pretty unique the windows are right above the sink and it is a porthole-style window it looks like they took it from a ship and this window that you can probably open up which I haven’t even tried.

Tiny house

the bathroom

Inside the bathroom, we have a tiled shower here on the right side same blue tiling as was behind the fireplace it is gorgeous I really like that blue color, and then over here on the left side is your toilet space now this toilet is unique it is an incinerating toilet.

Tiny house

the loft of the tiny house

The loft space it’s really simple it is basically just your bed up here ceiling is plenty large enough lots of space for my head and to sleep in a really comfortable bed.

Tiny house

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