GORGROUS Tiny House of the Mountain

In the episode, we will see a  Gorgeous Tiny House with w/an arched roof & 2 bathrooms 400 sq ft located in Clinton, Washington, United States.

This is a 10 by the tiny house it is about 25 000 pounds the house is about 14 feet tall we have about 16 windows in it we wanted the big window for the views because we have a beautiful view up here we decided to go with a metal roof just because of the longevity and we also we like the looks of the metal roof we wanted to go with the LP siding we decided to do a little bit of an angle at the back we just like the two colors that went together.

the bathroom of the tiny house

The downstairs bathroom is one of the things we talk about this bathroom we have this built here for our cat’s litter robot so there are the perfect dimensions for that this is going to be an area for our hamper which is already in here and this is not going to be just all towels linens and the very top on is going to be cleaning supplies, toilets or regular toilets we have city water sewer and Electric in this mountain area.

In here you got a sink we call a skinny sink complete shower on the side it is very comfortable and bright in this place so you can enjoy your shower.

This area is in the very rear of the home we’re calling this area the man cave bill loves football and we have a large screen TV which we still have to get of storage this is a very cozy TV area and we have a lot of different pillows and stuff it also will be a spacious bedroom for guest.

the kitchen of the tiny house

This kitchen is five feet and some areas are even large we love our kitchen it’s a U-shaped kitchen which is very functional for cooking the dishwasher was a must it’s only a half dishwasher this is a smaller sink but it’s very deep I didn’t want to have this all begin to sink, and you can see this part of Rob’s magic we designed this whole inlay in here this is the jorden river it flows into the dead sea and there’s a little island.

In the office room area and we have a beautiful view of the office area and we have a beautiful view of the front this is absolutely the most beautiful view in the office in my life.

Tiny house

the bedroom

This bedroom is that had a closet here be long closet this is a place where we could put the brooms and everything that’s tall there’s always a problem when you live tiny house sometimes you don’t have a place to put your broom and your vacuum cleaner so this has this area.

Tiny house

The bedroom has king size bed in it plenty of space way more than a lot of lofts have also had another Closet in this space and then of course behind us we get to see the Arches we get to see below and we get to see lighting and it’s just wonderful little area.

Tiny house

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