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GORGROUS Tiny Home w/ luxury kitchen, Fireplace

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In the episode, we will see a Gorgeous Tiny Home w/a luxury kitchen, fireplace, & so much storage located in New York.

On the outside of the Tiny Home the duchess one of the big things you’ll see immediately is the really teal color that we put on the exterior and it just kind of brightens everything up and it gives it a really cool look with the cedar shake that we did below it’s called fancy cuts it kind of gives that really cool like dragon scales to the home, this is built on an iron Eagle it’s 30 feet long by eight foot wide our home is actually around 14 foot tall so it’s oversize we installed 15 windows in the room.

the kitchen

The kitchen it’s 13 feet long and that just allowed us to get everything that we wanted in here because it’s such an important space for us we went with a lot of cabinets we actually did need to maximize our storage space and of the thing, we love the kitchen is the 30-inch farmhouse sink it’s really deep it’s a lot wider than you typically see in a tiny home, and you can see the TOP step which a lot of wider than individual treads it feels a lot of more safe getting in and out of this loft with bigger stop the stair.

the bathroom

There’s your bathroom we really like the warm tones of copper so you can see that we used it pretty much throughout the house on all of our fixtures particularly on our fabulous sink here we found this as a Craigslist find so we were really excited about that.

And then you can find a large format tile that would be closely colored to our really teal that you see throughout the rest of the house we switched things up in the shower pan on the floor there.

Tiny home

the living room

The living room is the beautiful bookshelf we currently have all of our book colors coordinated we’re not weird this was specifically designed with our existing books in mind so you’ll notice that it comes really close on top of them, and you also have a fireplace this is propane operated and it is off the grid is really nice and still stay cozy and toasty warm all of our little critters like hanging out with the sofa is as big.

Tiny home

the loft of the tiny home

This is your bedroom when you get up here is an amazing Skylight you can sit up comfortably and a much more significant 5 foot 11 so it was really important to us to have this head space and you’ll notice all the windows too and it just makes it feel open we toured a lot of tiny home before we built and you also have a full-size bed up here.

Tiny home

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