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GORGEOUS TINY HOUSE with Spacious & Modern Design

In the episode, we will see a GORGEOUS TINY HOUSE with Spacious & Modern Design located in Ferndale Washington.

This tiny house here that’s got a balcony that can oversee all the neighbours we do have a telescope up here because we do see gazillion of stars every single night including meteor showers, we had a couple of game nights and it’s been really great and it’s been weird for me to get used to having that community again cause we moving here from the inner city.

The living room it’s a nice cozy atmosphere we set up we don’t have a TV what we just used is one of our laptops set it right here cuddle up on the couch with the blankets and some popcorn and have a movie night we got our coat rack got our black packs there because we do travel into town every to go to school and work we do have a nice to five we do have this table.

This is a kitchen so we had to get a lot of mason jars because it just felt right mason jars in a tiny house it’s just a thing right we didn’t have a whole lot of counter space and we only has a little folding table over here so we can do some chopping and whatever for dinner we do cook dinner every single night.

This is your Bathroom so in the bathroom we have some tiny little shower. Slash. Toilet. But that’s not the case with this house.  We have just a regular bathroom, full-size bath and shower,  normal toilet and it’s just a nice regular, regular cozy bathroom.   

This is my room and we get the bigger room and because of that, we share it with my pet snake named middles, so you can see this is my whole wall of stuffed animals that I have. These are Hedgy and Pikachu very special dolls of mine. I used to take them around everywhere when I was younger. Over here I have more art supplies because I like doing art.

tiny house

This is my loft, You may notice there isn’t a bed up here and that’s because my bed is a corner chair by day.  It’s a three-part mattress that I’ve pushed up against the corner to be a nice cozy chair to work on my laptop or an on some ukulele and just relax and enjoy my tiny house. Also, I’ve got the balcony right here.    

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