Gorgeous Tiny House was built in just a few days

In the episode, we will see a Gorgeous Tiny House was built in just a few days located in North Carolina.

The sunflower tiny house has a park model and it is 11 feet by 38 feet and 396  square feet now one thing and this was a lot of windows we have 18 windows also love how on the little top   Windows those little baby shutters I just think they’re so cute when I was having my deck built we really wanted a larger outside space and we wanted the sliding door and of the door space it looks so beautiful.

The living room of the tiny house

The living room is almost 11 and believe me, that extra three feet make a lot of difference and you got a great sofa bed we love hosting two three four at least five people so it a very good and then we have some furniture that we had in previous homes and so this was actually has a table and lamp and you know the tiny house you have to be very selective about furniture your bring and what size it is but this just fits perfectly.

the kitchen

The kitchen is that I have full-size appliances and I have a gas range which is pretty cool and a full-size refrigerator I do not have a dishwasher and the dishwasher so that was an option that I decided just you know not to have a dishwasher so one of the features that I really love is my large sink and I had a choice of like if I wanted it you know two smaller ones but the I like the larger size when people come here to stay as an Airbnb you really have everything that you need to like in this cabinet there’s plenty of plates and cups and glasses I found these not too long ago.

the dining table

The dining table area slashes the office so when we looking for a tiny house we also need to have space to work because we have that table that came with the house and with these four chairs and the desk in my office in a bag rolling office and we can just take this wherever we need to and then it has my computer and all of my files and everything that we need in it and set up here at the dining room.

Tiny house

The bathroom

The bathroom we really want some counter space in the bathroom which was really important when we were looking at the tiny house a lot of them just have very small pedestal sinks but this one has a cabinet and then a lot of drawers and even a great medicine cabinet and in this room we have a shower with a tub that’s really room to get in there take a shower and then you got a plum toilet we did look into compost toilet for a little bit.

Tiny house

the bedroom of this tiny house

This is your bedroom so you have a queen size bed which is really  the perfect size I think one great thing under this bed is storage it hinges up and so  I have this entire space of storage then I have   two little miniature closets but one on each side  and this whole unit also was like this from the   Builder I think this Builder did a great job of  really capturing every little bit of space.

Tiny house

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