Gorgeous Tiny House in the middle of Waco

In this episode, we will see a Gorgeous Tiny House in the middle of Waco.

This tiny house is located in Waco, Texas, United States it’s right in the heart of Waco’s downtown it’s a great location.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

It’s very pleasing to the eye and it looks gorgeous and the nice red door pops oh you have street parking you also have parking on the left side of this home right here so there’s lots of parking.

In the entire home you can walk away to your huge front deck that has some seating area for you have a massive swim daybed which is very gorgeous and it’s nice in this wooden stool right in front of it is cool as well as one of my favorite pieces of this home.

The first bedroom

This is your first bedroom is a nice bedroom you also have a TV in here and some nice cabinet area to store some stuff and also have these little racks to put your luggage in right here and it’s just a really nice bedroom an office bedroom.

The Master Bedroom

The bedroom is a Master bedroom area this bedroom is really grand the ceilings it’s just huge it is a king-sized bed it’s huge it’s very beautiful you have the couch here on the right side right under your TV and you have a little get-ready station over here.

The bathroom of the Tiny House

The bathroom that’s just beautiful you have your toilet of course and you have your vanity I believe the vanity was handmade as well and the sink in the mirror from all of that is very beautiful in your huge shower it was very large.

The Backyard of the Tiny House

This backyard is very private and just on this deck back here you have a couple of chairs you have a grill and it’s kind of the same design as the front deck with the wooden pillars and then you see your giant fire  and enjoy it with your friends during the evening.

Tiny House

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