GORGEOUS Tiny HOME Is Cozy​​ w/ Luxury Out Door

In the episode, we will see GORGEOUS Tiny HOME Is Cozy​​ w/ luxury Out door located in GLOUCESTER, MA.

the exterior of the Tiny home

The Tiny earthen home was for sale on a piece of land near Joshua Tree National Park. They purchased the property and fixed up the surrounding areas to create the ultimate vacation home and Airbnb! Their glamping oasis includes a fully stocked outdoor kitchen, compost toilet, hammocks, yard games, fire pit, and outdoor shower.

And then over here the seating area really doesn’t need a whole lot of space the idea is to enjoy the desert and enjoy the scenery we have our guest book we think a few of my favorite stories were about a family of five from Germany coming and staying for their kid’s first experience in nature a lot of couples come here for a romantic.

This is the sleeping area this is a two-person full bed we also have some storage and we have an air mattress a  twin air mattress for a third guest as well another thing that we have here is more natural light coming in through we got kind of a mini skylight here and then these nice arching windows to again allow the sort of the morning light to come through with blackout curtains if you are trying to sleep one of the coolest things about this particular natural.  

This is our fully stocked outdoor kitchen another thing that surprises a lot of guests is how well-equipped the kitchen is we’ve got running water that’s safe to drink it’s just city tap water and a fully functional gas propane stove all sorts of cooking equipment so pots pan anything that you could think of that you would need to have a big barbecue or a big dinner you can really cook pretty much anything a fully functioning bigger than a mini fridge.

And so you can cook and eat even after the sun goes down additionally we have a full-size grill which is really great for a barbecue we’ve had all sorts of fun barbecues so if you’re grilling up burgers hot dogs or whatever after a long hike it’s another addition that is really nice to have.

This is a  fire pit this is one of the main attractions and probably the biggest activity that guests like to do when they’re here just sits around the fire make s’mores check out the stars really important that we have a nice contained space for fires a central space to hang out and just chill and chat and drink and enjoy.  

Tiny home

the bathroom of this Tiny home

There’s your bathroom so we have our throne right here it actually separates out the liquids and the solids.

Tiny home

In here we have our outdoor washroom where you can brush your teeth wash your face you got a mirror if you need to do your makeup or anything like that.

Tiny home

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