Gorgeous Sapling Treehouse in the Beautiful Hill Country

In this episode, we will see a Gorgeous Sapling Treehouse in the Beautiful Hill Country.

Gorgeous sapling treehouse in the beautiful hill countryThis gorgeous sapling treehouse is located in Fredericksburg, Texas, it sits on the Honey tree farms it’s such a peaceful and quiet place to relax.

The Exterior of the Treehouse

This sapling treehouse is very beautiful and private there are lots of trees surrounding and you got the deer on the property as well.

This treehouse just looks modern along with nature and those two combined look super cool and the home is integrated between the trees even the walkway that leads up to your front door.

The Interior of the Treehouse

The inside of this treehouse is very spacious it’s an open concept design it is very interesting layout there is a huge window on the wall that let in all the natural light.The first thing you’ll notice is an eating area kind of desk area there is a little table with two chairs right in front of the window.

On this side, is your living space you have a comfy couch that faces to the window and right behind this is a beautiful wall.

The kitchen of the Treehouse

This kitchen space is very modern design there is a countertop with a sink and of course all your cabinets with the beautiful backsplash and then the floating shelves up above look very good as well.

Below this countertop is your mini fridge and some cabinets and then your cooktop burner, your microwave right on the unique floating shelf.

The Bathroom

This is a unique and modern bathroom you got two shower heads with the beautiful tiling and there is a huge window, your bathtub, your toilet it’s a spacious bathroom.

The Bedroom

This bathroom is a very beautiful and unique design you got a king-size bed right in the middle with lights on each side, and on the other of this area you have a little platform with a record player.Treehouse Treehouse Treehouse

The Loft Bedroom

This loft space is just for kids you got a mattress up here with some pillows and a huge window that lets you have even more light.

The Outdoor Space

The last part of this tiny house is your patio area there is a honeycomb hexagon it’s very eye-catching and there are some chairs and a hammock to enjoy.

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