Gorgeous Purple TINY HOUSE At MORTAGRA w/ Beautiful Inside

In the episode, we will see a Gorgeous Purple TINY HOUSE From A MORTAGRA w/ Beautiful Inside located in Portland, Oregon.

The Exterior

This tiny house is the bright colours are here that we were talking about earlier and that is castle top metal shingles we saw anything like that before so it kind of looks like a tortoise shell we hope you don’t mind me but like a colourful beautiful and this side of the house is facial boards and the trim work and there’s just a lot of detail A woodwork in this tiny house, how tall is the tiny house 13 and a half so right at the legal limits but it beautiful it’s definitely heavy duty you can see it from this trailer.

The living area This is a temporary seating, but it’s not too bad it’s pretty comfy we hope to eventually put in maybe a projection TV with a screen that pulls down over the door right.

This Tiny house is not as luxurious and large as yours, but you’ve decided to use it for your closet? Yes, that is my closet space. That’s all Pretty sure with some clever organization, I can fit my entire wardrobe in there .it’s part of the big downsize and then the solar system is in the bottom and we have a Dickinson propane heater off to the side of the closet.  

The kitchen of the tiny house

In the kitchen, we have a propane water heater as well your heating is also propane so you see on the back of Nikki’s house water heater little on-demand heaters under the kitchen sink and we got a window over each kitchen counter and have a lot of windows lots of light.

Tiny house

The bathroom of the tiny house

In the bathroom, we also have slid back and we actually think that these save more space than a pocket door because when you build a pocket door you have to have a really wide threshold to put that door inside of the wall whereas if you do a barn style door we think it saves more space cause it can just on the exterior of the wall and you have a regular size shower in here a and a nice big mirror over a bathroom sink and everything in the bathroom I think it’s a nice sink it’s a nice shower it’s a good size and you have plenty of room in there to get dressed.

Tiny house

The loft of the tiny house

This is a pretty good size loft area even over here where you’re not at the full ceiling height it’s not that short and the mattress will be pretty we got a nice window on your side that opens and get a good cross breeze and we love this little decorative picture window in the back it’s got a nice line to it as well you know that would be hard trim well this guy is like a master carpenter Gorgeous.

Tiny house

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