Gorgeous Log Cabin Is A Perfect Getaway In Kentuck

Welcome to the enchanting Log Cabin known as Dreamscape, which can be found in Red River Gorge, Kentucky, it going to make you fall head over heels in love with it. There are two bedrooms available.


Nevertheless, even though it is situated in the central business district, the cottage is hidden away from everything else. Additionally, the Dreamscape cottage has a luxurious hot tub for your relaxation and relaxation, in addition to its two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The Living Area

In the living room on the main level, which has a corner fireplace, seats on both sides, and a large number of seating, there is an abundance of excellent woodwork that can be seen throughout the whole space.

The windows allow a significant amount of natural light to penetrate the enormous area, which is a very bright room.

log cabin

When planning the layout of a log cabin, it is always appropriate to include a stone fireplace in the design of the structure. On the other hand, a stone fireplace is an excellent addition to any log cabin.

In addition to the fact that it is a source of warmth, it does not interfere with the living room or the area that is designated for reclining.

Other advantages include the fact that it is a source of warmth. As far as the corner is concerned, this specific one is an excellent fit.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

In addition to the dining area that is located on the main floor, the master bedroom which is situated on the main level can be found beyond the dining area.

log cabin

A luxurious suite that has an upgraded bathroom that is connected to the bedroom in question is the one that is being referred to here.

The combination of the rustic logs that are used for the walls and the hardwood flooring is a lovely sight to see in this log cabin, which has a luxurious contemporary design.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

A corner shower that is situated on the inside of the bathroom is furnished with its very own corner door, and it is decorated with a tile that is handcrafted and has a design that is comparable to the tile that is used on the floor.

log cabin

A breathtaking room that is significantly bigger than the majority of others and needs to unquestionably be regarded as a luxury for any place of residence.

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