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GORGEOUS A-frame In Washington W/ Hot tub

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In the episode, we will see GORGEOUS A-frame In Washington W/ Hot tub located in Washington.


The tree frame is a tiny house tree house that’s perched 13 feet off of the ground bolted onto these four trees right here Nelson treehouse actually helped with the Treehouse aspect of this and the host built and designed this A-frame himself and it just really cools looking a unique design I’ve seen this place all over the Internet before, and this house is the back side and you’ll walk up these steps up to your A-frame cabin and right here is the door.

the exterior

This is so beautiful in here this huge front wall of Windows right here lets in a lot of natural light and you get great views out of them you overlook the back of the property and there is a small Creek running through it and huge trees everywhere Moss it is just beautiful you can’t see anything else it is all nature and privacy so great views from there got the living room right here.

The living room right here in the front you got has a fireplace and is really cosy it is so easy to use it is a gas fireplace you just turn the knob so it is snowing right now it is nice, and you got a guitar here and a small chair you can sit on next to it and then your living room space you got the leather couch here there’s a sliding door right here as well you can walk outside onto the deck space it’s awesome that they have a deck space out here and there’s a grill and a couple of seats out here the summer months.

The kitchen

This kitchen is pretty spacious enough space to walk around and there is a ton of countertop space all the way around here the sink right here with the gold accents is a really nice deep large sink for a tiny house and then you got a ton more countertop space over here on the left drawers all the way around white with the gold handles is nice and back here is where you can make basically anything you got a hot plate right here built into the countertop you’ve got an air fryer which is nice I have an air fryer at my house and I use that all the time more could use that and then you got a microwave but it’s not just a microwave this is also an oven I didn’t even know these existed last night when I was making some food I decided to try it out and it works exactly like an oven so pretty nice.

the bathroom of this A-frame

This bathroom is a little bit special because when you walk in the heated floor is warming up your feet I have very good feet right now and it was a pleasant surprise so whenever you walk in here after a nice night of sleep the heated floors help a lot and also the toilet seat is heated as well so you got the toilet here heated seat you got the vanity right here in the middle gold accents continue and the huge window.

A frame

the loft of the A-frame

The Loft space is your king-sized bed right here on the top of the A-frame Windows all around you two skylights and windows behind you I really like the feature of having small Windows to open up behind the bed for some air flow because hot air rises last night when I was sleeping it circulated the air so nice and I slept really great and you get great views of the front of the A-frame.

A frame

The outside and explore the beautiful terrain but right under the tree house is a really cool outdoor area a couple of seats here giant uh tree slice for the table and then of course you got a hot tub right here to enjoy and the views right here are beautiful being surrounded by the nature and you’re being protected by the A-frame tree.

A frame

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