Gorgeous 40ft Shipping Container House in Sweet Spot River

In this episode, we will see a Gorgeous 40ft Shipping Container House in Sweet Spot River

This shipping container house is made out of recycled products it’s made of two separate 40-foot containers located in a Sweet Spot River.

The Outside of the Container House

The exterior of this container is pretty beautiful and sits on a perfect property on the left side, some bump-outs had a little dimension to it that’s of fun.

There are a lot of plants here and then you got a huge glass door and glass window and the beautiful color of this shipping container house is perfect.

Inside the Container House

The inside of this shipping container house is pretty modern and luxurious it’s an open concept and bright and airy.

The first section is your living space you got a big couch right in the middle with a coffee table.

Right behind that you got some storage and then a TV this space is very comfortable you can enjoy the morning coffee and reading or enjoy the movie.

The Kitchen Space

This kitchen is pretty modern there is an island in the middle with a huge countertop and then your big fridge.

Right behind this is the main countertop space with a huge sink and coffee make even your cooktop with a microwave and there are a lot of cabinets in here as well.

On this side, is your dining table with three chairs so that you can eat your meal here and you can do some work as well.

The Bathroom

The bathroom of this container house is quite modern as well there is your vanity space with a huge sink and a mirror and then your toilet and even a full-size shower space.

The Bedroom of the Container House

The bedroom of the shipping container is quite spacious there is a king-size bed right in the middle and then your closet and on the other side there is a vanity space and a huge window.

The Patio of the Container House

This is your patio space there is a comfortable couch and storage and even your coffee table which you can enjoy your time here with the beautiful view from the sweet spot river. Container house

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