Gorgeous 2-Story 300sqft Tiny House

Hello everyone, in this episode, we will see a 2-story 300 sqft Tiny House from Joshua Tree, California, United States.

There are many reasons why people choose to live in tiny houses. For some, it’s a way to downsize and simplify their life. For others, it’s a more affordable way to live. And for some, it’s just really fun and interesting to live in a tiny house.

The tiny house movement is also a way to live a simpler life. Most people in the United States live a very consumer-driven lifestyle. They have too much stuff and are always working to pay for it. The tiny house movement is a way to downsize your life and live with less stuff.

Inside this Tiny House

When you walk into this tiny house, you will notice that it feels much larger than it is. It’s only 300 square feet and this house has two levels. The first level is the living space, you have a couch which is nice to have in a tiny house, and folds out into a bed so you can get cozy and comfortable. There’s also a dining table and a TV right above it and the stairs that lead upstairs and that’s a nice design of the tiny home. The Hare Home is what this is called on Airbnb so if you notice there’s like a rabbit features everywhere, and there’s even wallpaper with rabbits on it which is neat.

Tiny house

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

It is a large kitchen for a tiny house you have everything you would need here. You have all the utensils and lots of cabinet space. This marbly countertop with the black cabinets down the bottom on top they’re white and I like the backsplash tiling here that looks great and it fits in with the design of the rest of this home. The kitchen design is black and white and that teal blue looks good. It’s modular so for a tiny house that works out well, you have this huge kitchen sink I would say a nice faucet huge for a tiny house, and the window right above it.

The Bedroom of this Tiny House

The master bedroom is the entire level upstairs so it’s a spacious bedroom. On this left side of this bed, you have a little vanity, a side table you even have this chair to get ready on and then you’ve got a mirror to help you get ready in so this is a really neat piece of furniture because it has a lot going on and it takes up minimal space, of course, the tiling that leads is the same throughout the house. You’ve got a full-size bed with the window all behind you it looks really good and it doesn’t take up that much space in here.

The Bathroom

This is a large bathroom for a tiny house because the bathroom is one of the main areas used in a tiny house, you have a vanity, it’s a pretty nice-sized sink and one aspect I like is that they chose a sink with edges to place like anything you would need like this or your toothbrush some tiny house it’s just the sink and you have nowhere to place the stuff and they also have a mirror with this thing below for anything else like that and then you’ve got a shower tub combo which is awesome to have in this tiny house. The window is awesome to have in the shower just for some more lighting and also the tiling in this bathroom is this beautiful Mexican, Spanish-looking design I like it a lot because it adds a lot of colors and more texture to the bathroom.

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Thanks to Levi Kelly | Airbnb

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