Glamping Dome – Luxury 450sqft off-Grid Glamping Dome

In this episode, we will see a Luxury 450sqft off-Grid Glamping Dome

This luxury 450sqft glamping dome is located in Altamont, Tennessee between Nashville and Chattanooga, and this dome is surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery everywhere. Luxury 450sqft off grid glamping dome

The Exterior of the Glamping Dome

This glamping dome sits on the beautiful property surrounded by rocks all around and trees and nature everywhere it’s such a beautiful spot to relax.

The first thing you have is all your deck that surrounds the super cool dome you have a hot tub right here for you to enjoy and you got some light above it and then your grill.

This dome is 450 square feet of living space and is pretty large, this dome was designed with white material and you got the huge window that is in the front.
The next thing you have on this deck is a seating area with a fire pit where you can enjoy the You can see beautiful views that this has to offer for miles and miles.

Inside the Glamping Dome

The inside of the glamping dome is very spacious it feels a lot larger than kind of what it looks like on the outside 450 but the ceiling is very high.

There is a huge window in the front to get all the light in and you got a great view of everything here.

The Kitchen of the Glamping Dome

This is a glamping dome kitchen it is very bright and modern you have some countertop space there are cabinets underneath with all your dishes and everything you need. There is a floating shelf above all of this and the tile backsplash of this kitchen looks very cool then you got a full-size fridge and a coffee maker as well.

The Living Space

The inside of this dome is an open concept design you have your bed right in the middle with some light snails on each side and the beautiful shiplap behind the bed, it is a great position.

There are two huge bean bags that you can hang out in and enjoy the beautiful view.

The bathroom

This bathroom is very spacious you got a sink on the left and a full-size shower on the right and then your toilet and the cool part is the tiling it very beautiful.

The Loft Area

The last part of this glamping dome is the loft area you have a comfortable bed right here with the skylight and you got good views from up in the loft area.

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