Fascinating Container House with Stunning Interior Design.

Hello, everyone! We continued to discover for you. In this episode, we will see a Fascinating Container House with Stunning Interior Design.

Fascinating Container House

This shipping container home is located in Texas just a 10 to 15-minute drive from downtown it is made up of three separate living pods or three different 20-foot containers.

Fascinating Container House

For the two containers up top, the owner keeps the container doors open and installs some windows there.

The Ground Floor of Shipping Container House

The first thing you will notice on this ground floor is the outdoor dining table with six seating options and behind this is a grill where you can cook some food here.

On this side, is your outdoor deck space it has two chairs and a small table, where you can do some work in here.

Fascinating Container House

This is the first 20-foot living pod, it’s the main room, and you have your bed right in the middle and a little kitchenette along the back wall.

Fascinating Container House

On the right side is a cool art decoration and your TV and right next to this is a little table in the corner which has some of the essentials waiting for you.

This bathroom inside this 20-foot container is very beautiful and bright all of the walls in this space give it a bit of a luxurious feeling.

Fascinating Container House

There is your toilet behind the vanity it is very clean and the shower right behind this is spacious with a beautiful tiling design.

The Second Floor of Shipping Container House

On this second floor, you have a cool outdoor chill-out space with a nice hammock for you to enjoy the beautiful view on this property.

This blue spiral stair leads you onto the second floor of this shipping container.

This bed is a queen-size bed that is not too big but is very comfortable for two people with the artwork and a TV right behind this.

Fascinating Container House

There is slightly less kitchen space, with the lovely outdoor deck but you have some similar amenities, like your water dispenser microwave, and fridge.

Fascinating Container House

This little outdoor deck has a small coffee table with two chairs waiting for you, this is a great spot to either start your day with a cup of coffee.

Fascinating Container House

This bathroom is not similar to the other one but it is unique in its style there is your vanity next to the wall and your toilet with a shower is very bright and charming.

Fascinating Container House

The final shipping container House

This final shipping container is pretty similar to the second shipping container.

The last shipping container bathroom is a similar setup but you have these cool orange and black walls.

Fascinating Container House


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