Farmhouse – Beautiful & Minimalist Farmhouse in Vineyard

In this episode, we will see a Beautiful & Minimalist Farmhouse in Vineyard, Utah

This beautiful & minimalist farmhouse is located in Vineyard, Utah, United States it is such a beautiful place for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the nature surrounding you.

The Exterior of the Farmhouse

This farmhouse is not too big it is just six meters by 2.4 meters of living space but it sits on
a spacious property and is surrounded by the farm and the pond and beautiful views everywhere. Farmhouse The material of the farmhouse is Japanese cedar it very beautiful and luxurious there is a black window on the front side with a huge door.

Inside the Farmhouse

This farmhouse is not too big but the inside still has everything you need you got a huge window on the right side, which let you take a look at the beautiful outside view.

There is a comfortable couch right next to the wall with some pillows and right behind that is your little table and then your fireplace. Tiny house

The Kitchen of the Farmhouse

This kitchen space is quite modern and bright and airy, there is a countertop space that has a huge sink right in the middle and then your stovetop and coffee supplies.

There are a lot of drawers and cabinets underneath the countertop space and then the little
fridge and above that is your floating shelf which you can stove anything above that.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is very spacious and modern you got your vanity space on the right side next to the wall and then your shower space is very beautiful and clean you got hot water as well.

On this side, is your toilet it’s perfectly built and right next to that is a window which let sunlight into this bathroom.

The loft Bedroom

This is a perfect loft bedroom space it’s quite spacious and comfortable there is a king-size bed in the middle with some comfy pillows and a nightstand on the right side, with a sliding window right behind that.

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