Fantastic Off-The-Grid Tiny House on Wheels in Taupo

In this episode, we will see the Fantastic Off-The-Grid Tiny House on Wheels in Taupo

This fantastic off-the-grid tiny house on wheels is located in Taupo, New Zealand, it’s packed full of brilliant design features and a high-quality solar system and constructed using top-quality materials as well.

The Exterior

This off-the-grid tiny house is about 2.5 meters wide and about 4.2 high with the panels down and it’s 7.2 meters in the main part of the house and then there’s a small storage sort of area on the front.

The Interior

The interior of this tiny house is very gorgeous you’ll feel comfortable when coming in it’s quite open the ceiling is pretty high and this tiny house is just modern and luxurious as well.

The Living Room

This section is a living room space there are a lot of windows here that bring so much light and you got a comfy couch right here so this couch can be a bed as well, this is a little book storage right behind your couch and then your fireplace it’s very tiny but it makes this tiny house so much warmer.

The Kitchen

This kitchen is very beautiful and spacious there is a long countertop space you got a sink right here and a cooktop with this window and this countertop can be a dining table as well.

Right across from this main countertop space you got a full-size refrigerator and microwave and coffee supplies right behind it and then you got tons of storage right behind it as well.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is very bright and cleans the vanity is very interesting with a modern sink right above you got your washer and dryer right behind it and then a full-size shower space and even a toilet.

The Loft Bedroom

This loft is just a very cozy space you got a king-size mattress on the right side, with two nightlights on the bedhead and window and you got tons of storage here as well to store your clothes and everything you need.Tiny house

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