Fantastic Log Cabin The Great Smoky Mountains And Enchanting

This charming log cabin in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington, which has a living space of 1,512 square feet, is the ideal location for your next vacation escape.


Due to the fact that the log cabin has two bedrooms, each of which contains six beds, as well as three bathrooms, it is able to accommodate a total of ten people at a time.

Because it is tucked away amid the trees and situated right next to a river, the Coal Creek log Cabin is the mountain getaway that fulfills all of your expectations. Within a relatively short period of time,


The kitchen of the Log Cabin

Granite countertops as work surfaces, white log cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and white log cabinets are the components that comprise the ideal kitchen.


Log Cabinetry in a white finish comes highly recommended as well. The exterior countertop features a bar area that can easily accommodate anywhere from two to three stools. Because of this, it is great for use as a breakfast nook or as an eating space for the children.

The First Bedroom

The bedrooms come equipped with relaxation areas that are roomier and cozier than those found in the communal areas of the hotel.

log cabin


The fact that these windows can be found in each and every room of the house is one of the lovely elements of this property that truly leaps out at us as something that makes it stand out as an option that is worth considering. This is one of the reasons why we feel that this is such a terrific choice.

The Second Bedroom

The house contains several bedrooms, all of which are spacious and are outfitted with pieces of furniture that are comfortable to sit in.

Depending on which of these three possibilities you choose with, this one is a good choice for a master bedroom because there is sufficient space for the bed to be placed in the corner, at an angle, or right up against the windows.

log cabin


The bedrooms in this log home are all rather roomy, and the interior decor of each one offers a distinct and appealing motif that adds to the appeal of the space.

This space offers sufficient room for a king-sized bed, and it is conveniently located immediately next to the door that provides access to the deck outside.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Built-in log house, mirrored walls, large windows, and, of course, deep soaking tubs are just some of the breathtaking design aspects that can be found in the bathrooms of this home.

log cabin


They have gone so far as to mount a television on the wall in the room that they have designated as the television room; in fact, they have already done so!

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