fantastic log cabin that is also a beautiful structure.

The Eagle Feather log cabin is a stunning construction that, depending on one’s needs, might function either as a primary log cabin for a sizable family or as a great mountain retreat.


This log cabin is a welcome model that offers something of interest to a wide variety of potential purchasers as a result of its gorgeous location in the mountains and breathtaking views. The property is located in an area that is known for its natural beauty.

The Exterior of the Log Cabin

Even if the views aren’t there, it still has a certain appeal; however, what truly sets it apart from other places is the magnificent architectural architecture that it features.


The property includes several amenities such as a walkout basement, numerous decks, covered porches, a large great room with fantastic window views, and of course fireplaces that give the log cabin an even more rustic flavor.

All of these elements can be found on the property. Because you are the owner of this property, you automatically have access to each of these facilities as part of the deal.

The Living Area

The log cabin’s interior has an open floor plan, which is one of the aspects that contributes to the overall appeal of the structure. The main floor of the house includes a spacious living area, a well-appointed kitchen, as well as dining quarters that are located in a separate section.

In addition, there are bedrooms on the main floor, in addition to the lofted area that is situated on the upper level of the building.


The photograph that has been shared below will give you a nice look at the primary living space, as well as the open kitchen and dining room that are a part of the space.

In addition, there is a common area that serves as a passageway to the various rooms, and from this area, you can see up into the loft space.

Another thing that I like and respect about it is the way that it incorporates a magnificent wagon wheel chandelier light with faux lanterns.

That is extremely creative, and it works well with the rustic log cabin design that we have going on here.

This primary room contains not one but two separate seating areas for your convenience. The first arrangement features this sectional sofa and chairs arranged adjacent to an appealing wall of drawers, as well as this television that is mounted on the wall.


In this space, we believe the whole family could relax and watch movies together in the nicest possible setting.

On the opposite side of the room, near the fireplace, there is a seating space that provides a more private setting.

This room is ideal for having a confidential conversation with guests or just savoring some peace with a nice book in your own company.


The appearance of a room and the entire house as being much larger than they are is created by cathedral ceilings.

One of our favorite things about this arrangement is the fact that there is a table in the middle of the chairs. You may take tea here with a friend, review contracts, or work here with a client or guest.

You could also drink tea if you wanted to in this location. Cute, and not to be found anywhere else. On top of that, the views outside are very stunning.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

This log cabin’s kitchen includes some of my favorite design elements, such as stools, live edge worktops, butcherblock, and a great log cabin.

The extra-large appliances, on the other hand, are easily our favorite feature. Both the range and the refrigerator have a layout that is comparable to that of appliances that would be found in a commercial kitchen, such as restaurants or hotels.


As a result of this, it is perfect for organizing parties and providing entertainment for individuals who are gathered together.

The longer countertop that is open not only makes for a fantastic eating area that is ideal for breakfast, but it also makes for an outstanding buffet for when you have visitors over to your log cabin.

The addition of a rustic touch to these log cabins would provide a stunning visual effect. They have that country chic appeal that is typical of modern farmhouse style,

But because of how they were designed, they also integrate nicely with the rustic charm of the property. This is because the property was designed more traditionally.

When you are preparing meals for the people you care about most, including your family and friends, you will have plenty of space to work with in this kitchen.

In addition to that, the countertop makes for a great surface for rolling out pastry dough or kneading bread dough.


This panorama is quite breathtaking in its beauty! This specific wall of windows is one of my personal favorites,

What a wealth of natural light there is, not to mention how naturally beautiful both the interior and outside spaces are.

A fire pit is a particularly desirable amenity to have on the terrace, so having one there is a plus. The exterior of what appears to be an old whisky barrel fits in magnificently with the log cabin-like aesthetic that prevails throughout this log cabin.

The Outdoor of the Log Cabin

It is a great deal less difficult to organize get-togethers on the weekends now that seats and tables have been installed on the decks.

log cabin


They are also fantastic for unwinding with a delightful cup of coffee on a chilly morning or a glass of soothing sweet tea during the warm summer months. Both of these beverages are wonderful for relaxing with and they are wonderful for you.

If there is a need for additional sitting on the deck, there is also a charming porch on the ground floor that is furnished with the same table and chairs as are on the deck, and this porch may be utilized to extend the deck.

log cabin


The part of the deck that has areas that are covered and areas that are exposed is, without a doubt, our favorite feature of the deck.

A picnic table is placed in the middle of two bench seats that are supplied with cushions to create an inviting space for you and your guests to kick back, relax, and enjoy a bottle of wine together.

log cabin


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