Fantastic Log Cabin Stylish Bedrooms And Stunning Views.

Welcome to the Green Gables Log Cabin and the acres it rests on may be found in Arkansas, nestled among the state’s breathtaking natural scenery and not too far from the Ozark Mountains.


This gorgeous luxury log cabin is tucked away in the mountains and has a yard that is surrounded by trees; it is the kind of property that has everything you could possibly want and more. Everyone’s needs may be satisfied by this beautiful log cabin.

The Exterior

The fact that this log cabin has two storeys, each of which has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, makes it a fantastic option for households consisting of many members of the same family.

The lofted section of the log cabin, which includes dormer windows, provides extra living space, which is an advantage enjoyed by the bedrooms that are located on the second floor of the house.


In addition, you are looking for a certain component that is not present in the log cabin; you might locate the component that you are looking for in the garage that is linked to the log cabin.

In stark contrast to the expansive decks that run the length of the rear half of the log cabin and are exposed to the elements, the front entrance porch is on the more compact side and is roofed over.

This allows for more protection from the elements. Due to the enormous area offered by this residence, it is an excellent choice for hosting get-togethers with members of one’s family and circle of friends throughout the warmer months of the year.

The Living Area

The great room on the main level of the log cabin has windows and doors on all four sides of the area, in addition to a stone fireplace that extends the length of one wall. This arrangement is considered to be the traditional configuration for such a room.

Because the enormous television is tucked away in the far corner of this room, it is the perfect location for having family movie nights with the younger members of the family.


We are in awe of the fact that they have embellished it with items that are not only simple but also practical, such as a live edge coffee table that is really one of a kind. This fact astounds us. The very fact that they have managed to do this blows our minds.


On the other side of the living area from the living room is a hallway that links back to the kitchen and dining room on one side of the hallway, and on the other side of the hallway, it goes back to a bedroom and a bathroom on the opposite side of the hallway.

In addition to that, the stairs that go to the next floor are conveniently located just outside of this room, which is a great convenience.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

There is a contemporary refrigerator with smart technology located in the kitchen that is in the room’s corner. Additionally, there is an extra-large stove and two ovens in this kitchen. You are going to have a great time making use of each of these different gadgets.


In addition to them, there are a significant number of wooden log cabinets for storage, as well as a handcrafted island bar that serves both as a place to work and as a nook for enjoying breakfast.

Both of these features can be found in the kitchen. You’ll be able to locate both of these amenities in the kitchen.

The Dining Room

Due to its proximity to the kitchen as well as the fact that it is open to the living room, the formal dining room is an excellent site for hosting dinner parties as well as a variety of other types of gatherings.


In addition, the living room and the formal dining room are next to one another. This room has managed to have the same rustic charm as the rest of the property, which is something that really appeals to me.

Even down to the wonderful chandelier that hangs over the dining table, this room has managed to have this rustic charm.

The First Bedroom

There are two bedrooms on the main level, and each of them has direct access to the terrace that wraps all the way around the log cabin. The terrace is located on the outside of the building.


This is a simple bedroom that does a decent job of catering to the needs of either visitors or the children while they are staying at the log cabin.

The First Bathroom

This apartment has a bathroom that is both stunningly contemporary and lavish, and it is located directly next to the main bedroom. Due to the fact that it is tiled all around and has a glass door, this enormous shower gives the impression that it has a great deal more space than it really has.


A striking contrast is produced as a result of the juxtaposition of the contemporary room and the rustic wood walls.

The Second Bedroom

The master bedroom is situated on the main level and has an attached bathroom, space that is sufficient for a king-sized bed, walk-in closets, and even enough for a comfortable chair in the corner, which will allow you to create your very own private reading nook.

log cabin

The Master Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The addition of a second master suite that is situated on the upper level would, without a shadow of a doubt, result in an increase in the market worth of the residential property.

log cabin

There is sufficient space in this room for the bigger bed in addition to the space required for your dresser, chairs, and other items that need storage.

The Second Bathroom of the Log Cabin

And here is where you will fall in love with the master bathroom suite, which has a corner shower in addition to a beautiful tiled soaking bathtub that is surrounded on all sides by tiles.

log cabin

You will fall in love with the master bathroom suite when you see it. Because it comes equipped with each of these amenities, the master bathroom suite is sure to win your heart over.

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