Fantastic Log Cabin Smoky Mountain Vacation And Enchanting

Welcome to Log Cabin if you make a reservation at “High Valley Hideaway” while you are in the Smoky Mountains, you can be sure that every member of your party will be well-prepared for an experience that they won’t soon forget.


The Living Area

After entering the inside of your vacation log cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which has a fire pit and five bedrooms, you will discover that there is a wonderful living room that is set with comfy furniture.


On the main floor of the home is where you’ll find this particular room. Whether you want to spend your time catching up with loved ones or planning your next trip, you will have access to all of the comforts of home while staying in the “High Valley Hideaway.”

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

When you start to feel hungry, you should make your way to the kitchen, which contains everything that is necessary to enjoy delicious meals. There, you will discover all that you need for the voyage that you have ahead of you.

Prepare mouthwatering snacks or a full-course dinner for everyone to enjoy together in the dining room.


Before venturing out to do some sightseeing in Pigeon Forge, you may want to take use of the grill that is located in the backyard and have a delectable BBQ in the backyard.

Moment that is over, you are free to go out and take in some of the sights and sounds of the neighborhood when you have finished your meal.


The First Bedroom

Once you’re ready to sleep, you’ll have your choice of four bedrooms. Because there is one queen-sized bed, two twin-sized beds, and two king-sized beds, there is more than enough space for everyone to have their very own bed.


Additionally, there is a bed in the playing area that is the size of a king and can sleep two people at a time.

The Bathroom of the Log  Cabin

You’ll also notice that these builds prioritize functionality to a significant extent, which is a welcome development.

Customers will like the ease of having two sinks in this bathroom, in addition to the wonderful addition of rustic shelves that have been put in the room’s corners.


When this shelf is installed in the area that was previously there, the amount of space that is available in the room is increased to its maximum potential.

Additionally, the room is given a design that is consistent with the style of the rest of the log cabin when this shelf is installed there.

The Second Bedroom

There are tons of options for bedrooms here, and we love how they have created a unique oasis for each person. This bed has a design that is reminiscent of a fairy tale or a princess and it is quite appealing.


The Outside of the Log Cabin

People who are looking for more ways to relax may find that the hot tub that is placed nearby is a wonderful answer to the problem that they are experiencing.

This is something that they can discover for themselves. You will discover that you are more prepared for the next exciting experience that comes your way as you are able to let go of your problems and learn to embrace the soothing affects that the water has on you.


As the day draws to a close and the sun starts to go down, call everyone over to the fire pit so you can all spend the evening together.

The log cabin activities that have taken place today have been quite exciting and lovely. You and your friends may take turns telling tales to one another while staring at the stars in the night sky as the marshmallows are being cooked.


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