Fantastic Log Cabin On The Lakeside And Charming

Welcome to Log Cabin for the duration of your holiday, if you are interested in unwinding at a magnificent lakeside cottage that is located near the Alps, you may find one here. This warm and inviting log cottage is set aside just for your use and pleasure.


Even though the distance between Pemberton and Whistler is just fifteen minutes, the distance between the two cities is thirty-five minutes.

The Kitchen

It is a pleasant addition to any log cabin to have a simple kitchen that is designed in the form of a little L and is stocked with everything that you could want.

However, due to the layout of this log cabin, it is particularly well-suited to this particular log cabin. When we look at this farmhouse country chic kitchen.

Our attention is immediately pulled to the design, which is something that strikes us right away. An atmosphere that is warm and inviting is produced as a consequence of this event.

log cabin

After the living space, directly below the loft landing, and behind the loft landing itself, the dining room and the kitchen are located. Both of these rooms are located behind the loft landing.

In addition to the fact that the dining room is situated at the front of the area, the kitchen, which contains an island with stoves, and a bar in the center below,

Which functions as both a storage space and an eating nook, are all characteristics that we truly like about this area. The fact that there is a lot of counter space in the kitchen is one of the things that I consider to be a considerable benefit.

log cabin

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

One of the most charming features of the master bedroom is the fact that it is equipped with windows on both sides, which allow us to take in the breathtaking scenery.

Even though the master bedroom has high ceilings, which make it seem quite magnificent when seen from above, this is the case. It is very stunning to see the wood stove that is situated in the corner of the room.

The installation of this is such a remarkable complement to the space that has been made available.

log cabin

The very large main bedroom is adorned with the most stunning wood beams, both on the ceiling and on the walls.

There is a rustic feel throughout this log cabin, and if you are a fan of that kind of architecture, you will find it here since the walls are made of actual logs rather than fake wood.

There is sufficient space in the room to accommodate a queen-sized bed if that is what you would like, but the room is also spacious enough to accommodate a king-sized bed if that is what you find more comfortable.

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