Fantastic Log Cabin Is The Epitome Of Country Chic

Welcome to it is not necessary to go very far to view this Log Cabin that was constructed in Powell, Montana if you are interested in gaining an understanding of what the inside and outside of a traditional log cabin designed for a family looks like.


This lovely house might perhaps serve as a source of motivation for your present construction project because the inside is furnished in a country-chic style, and the outside is fashioned in a traditional log cabin plan.

The Front Porch

The gorgeous covered porch is without a question one of our very top selections among the features of this wonderful mansion, and it is without a doubt one of our very top favorites among the features.


Your preferred rocking chairs or even a charming porch swing may quickly find a spot to call their own in one of the several unoccupied areas that are currently available in this region.

The Living Area

You will discover that the main level of the log home has an open floor plan that makes good use of the space available. In addition, the walls and ceilings of this level are built using beautiful traditional timbers.

This side of the house has a cathedral ceiling, which not only makes the room seem bigger but also enables a great deal of natural light to enter the space via the many windows that are set all around it on this side of the property.


The cathedral ceiling is located on this side of the house. Cathedral ceilings are a common architectural feature seen in places of worship.

A stone fireplace with a log mantel is a magnificent addition to this log cabin and space. Additionally, all around this home and space, you will discover a significant amount of leather, patterned prints, and rustic country chic touches to give it the idea that it is a genuine ranch home.

The Kitchen

The concept of having a huge open bar on one side of the corner kitchen that also acts as additional counter space for the kitchen is one that many families choose to have in their homes.

This bar also serves as an additional seating area for those who are eating in the kitchen. You will have ample storage for your tableware, cookware, and even pantry products if you make use of the additional log cabinets that run along the top and sides of the room.


You’ll be able to keep all of this stuff neatly arranged and within easy reach with the help of these log cabinets.

There is a dining space that is located in the corridor that links the living room with the stairs that go up to the loft. This dining area is ideal for more formal parties.

In addition to the fact that it lends itself very well to the arrangement of dinner events for loved ones and friends, this room gives off an aura of warmth and comfort and seems to be a natural extension of the rest of the log cabin.


In addition, the chandelier that is fashioned out of deer antlers is a work of art that cannot but be admired.

The Upstairs of the Log Cabin

A second sitting space can be found on the open landing that is located above the main level of the loft. This area is versatile and may be used either as a living room or as a quiet place to read. You are going to fall head over heels in love with how comfortable it is.


How easily accessible it is to the rest of the log cabin, and how much natural light it gets as a result of the windows and skylights that have been installed because of how much natural light it receives as a result of the windows and skylights that have been installed.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedroom located on the second floor is simple and works quite well for its intended function. They have structured the layout of this room in such a manner that the dormer windows may be utilized to house a desk, as is stated, and the bed has been positioned against a wall that is near a window.

Both of these features have been included in the design of this room. In addition to that, the ceiling fan that is in this room is, out of all of the ceiling fans that are located throughout the rest of the log cabin, one of our very favorites.

log cabin

Since we moved into this property, one of our primary goals has been to create a comfortable and welcoming space in one of the rooms that we can use as an office.

This location exemplifies that concept in its purest form. It’s insane how easy it is to get things done in this environment since it’s so favorable to it.

log cabin

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The resort has spacious bathrooms that are up-to-date and contemporary, and each one is well-appointed with everything and everything that a guest would want during their time there.

log cabin

We like that the walls and cupboards have been left relatively empty, as this allows you to personalize the space to represent your taste via the furniture as well as the artwork that you want to exhibit there. This is something that we find appealing.

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