Fantastic Log Cabin Exterior And Beautiful

Welcome to the log cabin at Waganaskisi Cove is just breathtaking, and it is situated in a setting that is simply picture-perfect as it looks out over the ocean.


This house emanates warmth and friendliness, and its architecture pays attention to the owner’s architectural choices while yet retaining the traditional image of a log cabin.

The Exterior

This stunning log house is a bright example of how beauty and functionality can coexist in perfect harmony, and it’s a great example since it’s a log home.


It was constructed in a typical manner and consists of two floors, with the main level’s front door leading directly into the great room.

There is a covered porch on the front of the house; but, rather than being an entire room, it is only a slab of concrete with just enough space for a few pieces of furniture or some decorations.

The Living Area

In the rustic log cabin, in addition to the contemporary conveniences that you have come to expect from a house, you will also find a throwback vibe thanks to the home’s vintage aesthetic. In the living area, there is a stone fireplace that is set against the side wall.

This makes the room appear cozier, but the décor still has that vintage flavor that transports you to the latter half of the 1900s. In addition to being cozy, warm, and inviting, this space also offers sufficient area for entertaining visitors.


The steps that go up to the top level of the log home are made out of logs that have been saved in half. This was done so that the home would have the appearance and atmosphere of a conventional log cabin.

In addition, the walls are constructed with shiplap and actual logs all the way through, which beautifully combines the contemporary and classic styles.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The trim on the outside of the home is painted an old green hue, and the log cabinets in the kitchen are painted the same color as the trim. The kitchen and the eating room are joined by a floor design that is open to one another.


Because of this, the area has a charming old feel, which is something that both you and I like very much. You won’t get the impression that you’re in a log home when you enter this space; rather, you will notice the beams and walls that pull the aesthetic all together.

The Dining Table of the Log Cabin

Our family has found that the dining table that mimics the look of a picnic table is the one that works best for us.


Despite its proximity to the living room and the doors that lead outdoors, the kitchen is sufficiently practical to accommodate the many meals that are consumed together as a family and the nights that are spent engaging in board game competitions with the young members of the household.

The First Bedroom

Shiplap was used on the walls of the bedrooms on the second floor, wood was used on the floor and ceiling, and there was an abundance of windows on all four sides of the room to let in an abundance of natural light.


The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The bathrooms in this log cabin, which were constructed to include both contemporary and traditional design elements, are yet another outstanding addition to the property.

Two of our favorite characteristics in the room are the white shiplap walls and the white log cabinets that have the same design as the green log cabinets in the kitchen but are white. Both of these aspects are in the bathroom.


And then there’s the master bathroom, which has log walls around the room, white log cabinets much like the ones in the other bathrooms, and a colossal glass shower door at the very far end of the space.

A combination of contemporary and rustic details that is warm and inviting at the same time!

log cabin

The Second Bedroom

Because these houses make the most of the space they have, you can expect the same level of comfort and visual appeal from them as you would from a conventional log cabin. This is because of the way that they use the space.

log cabin

This particular bedroom is a favorite option for a wide variety of people for a variety of reasons, including the fact that there is sufficient space along the walls for a desk to be placed below the windows.

It would serve its purpose effectively as a workstation that is easy to get into and offers a pleasant sitting experience for its users.

log cabin

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