Fantastic Log Cabin Enchanting And Beautiful Scenery

We get a laugh out of seeing large log cabin perched on hills by the water, and the Lago has all of those aspects as well as a few others. This vast property boasts a roomy log cabin perched atop the hill, and the stonework that surrounds the log cabin’s foundation is very stunning.


There is a quaint little boat log cabin or guest log cabin that may be found on the property’s edge, very near to where the boat dock is located.

This log cabin can serve either of these functions. A blueprint for the construction of a warm and inviting log cabin, just the place to go to get away from it all and relax.

Let’s take a quick look at the charming little boat log cabin that is located on the fringes of the property.

From this vantage point, you have a wonderful view of the outside of the neighborhood, as well as an idea of how the craftsmanship will be on the log cabin that will be erected on the hill.

Stone was utilized not only in the building of the home’s foundation but also in the creation of the bespoke footpath that can be found leading down the hill located behind the house and around the property.

Constructing a building of this type in the location of your choice allows you to combine the functions of a boat house and a guest log cabin into a single convenient location.


It is near the primary residence, but at the same time, it offers a certain degree of privacy for guests who might like to spend a few days away on the lake.

Our minds can conjure up the possibility that this location would be a fantastic candidate for transformation into an Airbnb apartment.

Here is a sneak view of the waterscape that may be enjoyed from the main home deck, as was promised before.

As can be seen in these photographs, there is a wealth of natural beauty in the vicinity of the log cabin, which acts as a source of motivation. In addition, the log cabin itself is a beautiful piece of architecture.

The feeling our get when our picture myself sitting here with a cup of coffee in the morning and working on my next novel tells me that this is the kind of environment that would be perfect for it.

This log cabin’s interior was designed in the classic log cabin style, complete with earthy undertones and streamlined architectural elements.

It includes everything, including the twig spindles that are on the railings of the staircase and the loft landing as well as the antler and twig chandelier that hangs over the dining table. The loft landing also has twig spindles that are on the rails.

log cabin


The principal living area is open, and it includes a kitchen in the back, a dining area in the middle, a living space along with a sitting area simply on the end wall, and a kitchenette in the middle of the dining area. In the far corner of the open space is where you’ll find the kitchen.

There is a door that can be seen in the center of the picture, just below the chandelier; it opens onto a small landing that then leads down into the log cabin.

log cabin


The stairwell that leads down to the basement of the home can be accessed through this landing. You’ll be able to discern the entrance to the room if you look very carefully. On one side of the hallway, you’ll find the stairs that take you up to the loft.

On the other side of the hallway, you’ll discover the door that leads into the living area or the corner that leads to the additional bedrooms.

This house has everything you require, and it is big enough that you can go off to your own space anytime you choose; but, you will still be able to eat supper with the rest of the family every night because it is so spacious.

This photograph is provided for your attention as a viewpoint into the living room obtained from the kitchen. Please take a look at it.

This kitchen is fully equipped with a multitude of storage cupboards, a huge square island with two sinks, a dishwasher, a substantial refrigerator, and, of course, a burner and ovens.

log cabin


Although it has the look of a kitchen that was created for a professional chef, it is well suited for the preparation of straightforward meals for the family.

You will get a better overall look at the living space as well as the kitchen in the following section, which will be presented to you.

This snapshot was taken in front of the fireplace, and it shows the dining room in the middle of the frame, followed by the bar, which is surrounded by chairs, in the immediate background of the photograph.

Even though these venues are directly next to one another, it is simple to see that there is adequate room and openness in each of them despite their proximity. Even though these locations are so close to one another.

log cabin


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