Fantastic Log Cabin Cathedral Ceilings Make The Pleasant

Welcome to the quaint log cabin on Pleasant Hill is perfect for a family that is growing, and it has all that is required to become one of your chosen holiday spots. This location is also suitable for a family vacation.


In addition to having a large window wall on the rear of the log cabin and three entrances on the front of the house, this house also includes a basement that has a walkout to the outside.

The Living Room

As you make your way inside the log cabin, you will discover that there are a great deal more lovely areas for you to investigate. As you approach the property, you will be greeted with a stunning stone fireplace that is centered in the room and has a blend of contemporary and rustic design aspects.

This fireplace has a combination of modern and traditional elements in its design. The wall of windows that is directly opposite the fireplace in the living room of the log cabin is rather enormous, and the living room itself radiates an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.


One of the reasons why we are considering investing in this property is due to the fact that it has not one but two levels of living space.

On the third floor, there is a loft area, and on the lower level, where there are more bedrooms, there is a feeling of privacy because of the location of the bedrooms.

In spite of this, the vast room with the cathedral ceilings and the wall of windows that allows in a substantial quantity of natural light is really breathtaking.


One has a fantastic vantage position from which they can see the whole of the living room if they stand against the piece of the wall that is right opposite from where the kitchen is located.

When it comes to the arrangement of the seating in this specific area, there is a wide variety of choice open to the occupants.

A substantial quantity of natural light is let into the building thanks to the double French doors that are situated on both sides of the structure as well as the wall of windows that is situated at the rear of the structure.


Together, these features let in a lot of light. This whole site is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and it can be readily customized to meet your requirements and fulfill your wishes.

The Dining Table of the Log Cabin

Both the kitchen and the dining room are located in close proximity to one another due to the layout of the log cabin.

This table may be readily arranged to seat eight people, but by making a few simple adjustments, it can also function as a table for as many as twelve individuals for a more formal supper.


The unified design that is formed by all of the woodwork, including the hutch that is on the side, is appealing and authentic to the rustic style that you want to accomplish in the log cabin.

This is the style that you want to achieve. This look was accomplished by using wooden in all of the construction, which can be seen here.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

This concealed kitchen area is tucked away in the alcove that is next to the living room on one side and immediately behind it on the other.

The log cabin was built with an open floor plan; yet, we particularly appreciate how this room is positioned in the corner and is separated from the rest of the main floor; nonetheless, it is still open enough to give the impression that it is one large place that may be utilized for entertaining.

log cabin

This is something that we find extremely appealing about the layout of the log cabin. In spite of the fact that the whole log cabin has an open floor plan, the layout of this particular room is one that I find to be rather pleasing.

The Master Bedroom

The main bedroom in this log cabin is immense, and it has high ceilings, which give the impression that the room is both larger and cozier than it really is. The ceilings in this area give the impression that there is a friendlier vibe throughout the space.

log cabin

The sense that you have entered a world of your own, isolated from everyone else in the building, is created when you have a private bathroom that is adjacent to your room.

Not only does this make the room more appealing, but it also generates the impression that you have entered a world of your own.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

An excellent master bathroom will have a vanity, a toilet, and a shower in addition to a variety of eye-catching combinations of stunning mirrors, hand-crafted woodwork, and other components. These aspects are in addition to the usual essentials.

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