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Fantastic Everwood Mountain Cabin

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In this episode, we will see a Fantastic Everwood Mountain Cabin

If you’re looking for the perfect cabin for a family then this place is for you. This cabin is located in Hocking Hills, Ohio it’s a beautiful area this is the first brand new and it is beautiful it’s huge and sits on 10 acres of private property here in Hocking Hill, Ohio.

The House Size

  • 2400 square feet of living space
  • Accommodates 9 Guests.
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 5Beds
  • 2.5 Baths
  • Chef’s Kitchen
  • Hot Tub
  • Fire pit

This section is your living space it’s quite huge and spacious the ceiling is very tall with the wood design is pretty cool the wall is an all-white design all of these windows of bringing too much sunlight in on the right side, is your living room space there are some couches right here with a little coffee table so you can enjoy your coffee right here and watch some movies.

On this part is your kitchen space there is plenty of space you got an island on the middle side, with these chairs and a little sink right here and cabinets so you can enjoy your meal here as well, and right next to this is your main kitchen space there is a full-size fridge and countertop with some cabinets below and above as well.

This is your dining area there is a long dining table on the right side, with these chairs so you can enjoy your meal and watch the beautiful view from outside.

Before we head upstairs there is a sliding door right off of this dining area if we head out here this is where your deck space and outdoor area are in this first section right here is just a nice little seating area you got some couple of chairs you can come out here and have coffee.

If you continue along this front section is where your outdoor dining table is at and your hot tub this the outdoor dining table can see everybody you bring here and there are beautiful views around up

This is your loft area on the right side, has this leather seat and this bunk bed set up this is pretty cool this bottom is a full-size bed, and on the top, you got an extra large twin bed this is perfect.

Walkthrough this sliding barn door is your main bedroom space the king-size bed is on the middle side, with nightstands and night lights on each side, the ceiling fan and ceiling look pretty cool so it just feels amazing when coming out here.

Right behind this main bedroom space is your bathroom it’s a pretty spacious bathroom and stylish and modern as well the countertop is pretty long with these cabinets and a full-size shower space on the right side, is looking gorgeous.

We hope you enjoyed the articles.

Thanks to Levi Kelly

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