Extra Small Tiny House Built for a Traveling Minimalist

In the episode, we will see Extra Small Tiny House Built for a Traveling Minimalist located United States.

the exterior of the tiny house

The Tiny House on wheels that we’ve seen so far it’s a custom 16 foot long tiny house that build for a friend who is an extreme minimalist that travels a lot and wanted a portable home that could be moved to different pieces of land as needed it’s a very small and simple home similar to we used and when the movement first started and it’s always very nice.

the kitchen of this tiny house

This is a small kitchen we’ve ever put in a tiny house here we only had about six feet by two feet to put the whole kitchen and so there is just a little hot plate that’s electric and a little electric fridge underneath is pretty simple lot of wood everywhere with a thane on it and it nice because it’s so durable and it also adds a bit of rigidity to the structure

Behind all this open storage is a bathroom but it was really nice to utilize this wall for storage and it’s nice that everything is so visible bit it nice because thing don’t get lost behind other things when you stove thing like this and we actually it’ just 2×4 wall but we just a put plywood on the older side and then the left all the cavities open for a storage and then there in the little it’s a bit of a workspace.

Tiny house

the loft

This is a bed nobody still has you know i think about almost three feet using metal is definitely a really good way to minimize just a structural part of the loft it’s made out of maybe two by four or two by sixes with take up a lot more valuable space in your tiny house.

Tiny house

the living room

There’s not a lot in a living room which i think is kind of a good thing because it make it feel really open there’s just this sitting area it could also act as an extra spot to sleep and then there is a lot of storage underneath it and then there’s also act as an extra spot to sleep and then there is a lot of storage.

Tiny house

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