Epic Tiny House On The Water

In this episode, we will see an Epic Tiny House On The Water

Today we are on lake fort Loudoun with a brand new houseboat this is a tiny house on the water that you can come experience and be out on the water with a fully self-sufficient house.

The Exterior

This giant pontoon boat is a tiny house on the front side, you have your deck and then you have an upper-level deck on the bottom part you have your captain’s seat.

The Interior of the Tiny House

When you walk in here it feels like you’re just walking into a modern tiny house the decorated and laid out are very nice there is a couch right here in the middle side, and then your reading chair on the right side, and a cabinet with some movies and a TV right above that.

The first thing you walk into is your massive living room space which is very huge and comfortable on the left side, is your dining table with these seating options so you can enjoy your meal and overlook the beautiful outside view.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This kitchen is not too big but it’s a perfect size for a tiny house the countertop is pretty unique you got a sink right here and your stovetop there is cabinets space everywhere and you also have a microwave up here and then, of course, you have a fridge and freezer right behind it as well.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

This bedroom is very comfortable there is a bed in this little nook area it’s super comfy you have a window right here to look out into your beautiful views.

This bathroom space is located in your bedroom you got a vanity right here on the right side, and then your toilet right behind and the last part is your full-size shower space.

The Master Bedroom

This is your master bedroom space it’s pretty large there is a king-size bed on the middle side, with a comfortable mattress and these pillows and then you got a closet across from the bed and the best part is your back deck space.

Tiny House

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