Epic Stunning Tiny House with Scandinavian Design

In this episode, we will see an Epic Stunning Tiny House with Scandinavian Style

This epic stunning tiny house is a Scandinavian style it’s a longhouse it’s was built by Matt and Heidi and it is situated on a lovely 1/2 acre section.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This house is amazing the style of this house is just very cool it’s kind of the Scandinavian longhouse the material is perfect the plywood is cool. This house is about 700 square feet the deck is a bit under 60 square meters of concrete as well the glass door is too big there is a dining table with two seating options so you can enjoy dinner here as well.

The Living Room of the Tiny House

This living room is pretty spacious and super comfortable there is a three-seating couch with some pillows and a plant and some floating shelves right above.

On this side, is your fireplace area which makes this tiny house feels cozy and comfortable, and right behind that, you got two comfy chairs with a coffee table and then your TV.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This kitchen is very modern there is an island right in the middle with a huge and deep sink and coffee supplies and a lot of barstools.

This is your full-size fridge and the main countertop space you have a lot of cabinets below and a cooktop and coffee maker with the black backsplash and then your storage.

The Storeroom

This storeroom is not too big but you can stock a lot of things in here there is a bit of an abundance of food and you store anything you want.

The Bathroom Space

This is your bathroom space it’s quite open there is a washer and dryer combo on the right side with some floating shelves above and then your vanity and toilet and even your full-size shower.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

The bed of this tiny house is quite large there is a king-size bed in the middle with a huge window right in front and then your closet.Tiny house

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