Epic Minimalist 20ft Shipping Container House

In this episode, we will see an Epic Minimalist 20ft Shipping Container House

This stunning shipping container home was built for an astounding budget of under $15,000 and this tiny shipping container house is filled with great small-space design ideas and gives Lance a solid platform, a place where he can rest and relax.

The Exterior

This shipping container house is located in Victoria, British Columbia, and this shipping container home is just 20 feet the bumped out about another 4 feet at the end there is a bedroom.

Inside the Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is quite bright it’s an all-white design the ceiling is not very tall but it’s very bright which makes this tiny house feel open and cozy these ceiling lights are gorgeous.

The Kitchen

This is a tiny house but the kitchen is very plenty of space the countertop is very huge it’s an L-shaped countertop so you got a double sink right here with some fruits this countertop can be your dining area as well and even you can do some work here.
There are a lot of cabinets right underneath and above this countertop space and then your full-size fridge is right behind that and faces the stovetop.  

The Sleeping Area

The Timber feature and this brunch are very cool the windows everywhere make this house very bright on this side, is your sleeping area so you got a king-size mattress here it’s very comfortable and faces the huge TV as well so you can enjoy some movies here.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is pretty tiny but still has everything you need you got a full-size shower here on the right side and then your toilet on the other side.

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