Epic Custom Built Tiny House In The Nature

Hello Everyone, In this episode, we will see an Epic Custom Built Tiny House In The Nature

This is the best tiny house ever it was built by the Frugal Family that sits on a beautiful property surrounded by trees and fresh air.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

The exterior of this tiny house is pretty unique and beautiful there are a lot of long and huge windows on the side, of this house and a wood door on the front side, with the front porch area.

Inside the Tiny House

The first part of this tiny house is your kid’s room you got a little bed right here with some pillows and a lot of storage underneath and then there are two windows in here as well and then the floating shelves for your kid to store anything.

The Kitchen Space

This is your kitchen space it not too big but still has everything that you would need there is a countertop space next to the wall. Right here you got coffee supplies with a stovetop and right behind that is your huge and deep sink right below the window and some cabinets underneath and then your floating shelf and your fridge.

The Bathroom Space

The bathroom of this tiny house is pretty tiny so you got your sink right in the middle with some drawers and then a big sink right behind and even your toilet.

The Outdoor Space of the Tiny House

This tiny house sits on a large property surrounded by trees and nature there is a garden built into the hillside and behind this garden.

On the another side, there is an outdoor dining space so you can enjoy dinner here with your family as well and then you also got a pond on this property as well.Tiny house

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