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Engineer Living in a Beautiful Earth ship

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In the episode, we will see a beautiful Earth ship Shares Valuable Insight located in Canada.

In the 1960-1970s there was an architect named Michael Reynolds down in Taos, New Mexico, who developed this concept of an Earths hip will moderate.

The Bedroom of the beautiful architect

There is bed has a U shaped modules you can see a bed and the a night-stand and a rug and then this room is very bright, everything in here is pretty open concept.

The Living room of this Earth ship

The floor is made similarly. It’s an earthen floor, and we also got a rocket mass heater with its chimney pipe actually going horizontally through the bench. So when you light your fire, the draw goes up and then horizontal with the intention of warming up the bench.

The Bathroom of the beautiful architect

There’s a bathroom here, there’s actually 2 bathrooms in the Earth ship has a shower you can see that it’s got pop can and bottle walls.

The Kitchen of the beautiful architect

This is the kitchen. We have electric stove, really fancy hood vent. There’s a freezer that was converted into a fridge.

And this is a dining table with two chairs so you can eating or working in here.

The Second bathroom

This is a toilet it basically all it has is a sink and bottle walls and you can see a shampoo and this room is very bright by the window so you can enjoy your bath here.

The Electrical room

In this room you got a panel in there and then also we have a pressure tank from the well water at the back, there’s wired for AC and DC It would be easy to switch over when we want.

The Second bedroom of this Earth ship

This is a king-size bed and you can see every thing from here is all engineer use you can see a book is on the table.

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