Enchanted Tiny House On Wheels

In this episode, we will see an Enchanted Tiny House On Wheels

This enchanted tiny house on wheels is located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Tiny House Size

This tiny house is about 7.2 meters long and 2.4 meters wide and from the ground, it’s 4.3 meters high (23x8x13ft).

The exterior of this tiny house is pretty beautiful the cedar wood is perfect with this charming window and door style is very cool.

Inside The Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is not too big but the interior design is very nice it’s an all-white design it just feels open and bright and cozy when you walk in.

The Kitchen

This kitchen is the very perfect size for a tiny house there is an L-shaped countertop space with a lot of kitchen utensils here and some cabinets and storage underneath this to store anything.

In this section is your dining area there is a little dining table right here with these chairs it’s not big but very comfortable and easy to eat your meal.

The Bathroom

This bathroom just looks unique and beautiful it’s a full-size bathroom space so you got your vanity right here and a toilet right behind.

On this part, is your full-size shower space.  

The First Loft

This is your entertainment area there is a comfy couch right here with this pillow it’s so comfortable.

This couch is very unique you can fold it out and fold it up as well to be a couch and a bed.

The Loft Bedroom

The last part of this tiny house is this loft bedroom there is a king-size mattress right here in the middle side, with a skylight window right above that so you can enjoy stargaze at night it’s very perfect.

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