Discover Log Cabin This Cozy Waterfront In Wimberley

Welcome to Log Cabin both Blue Hole Regional Park and Jacob’s Well Natural Area are excellent examples of the region’s natural splendor, particularly the former.

The Central Texas Bonsai Exhibit at Jade Gardens and The Island are both additional local attractions that are worth checking out.

The Living Area

In addition to its impressive stone fireplace, which is flush against the wall in the far corner of the living area, cathedral ceilings can be seen in this space as well.


Because the mantle and beams of the fireplace are made out of raw wood, the historic look that you find to be so appealing can be recreated in this area.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is well-equipped with everything that might be required at any given time, and it is conveniently located so that everything is within easy reach at all times.

In the space that now divides the kitchen and the dining area, you have the option of installing a counter with a wet bar if you find that this arrangement better meets your requirements.

log cabin

You can choose from a broad number of different configurations and models, each of which is designed to cater precisely to the demands of your own family. This gives you a lot of flexibility in meeting the requirements of your household.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The master bedroom is located on the first level and is a wide, open space that features built-in shelving and storage all around the bedframe. This bedroom also features a fireplace.

log cabin

The space can be reached by going via the front door of the log cabin building. In addition to that, the bathroom that is linked to the room is remarkable in its own right and stands out from the other bathrooms in the building.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

With the installation of a vanity in the master bathroom, which featured both traditional double sinks and a vanity in addition to a significant number of storage log cabinets, the usability of the space was vastly increased, making the master bathroom much more suitable for daily use.

log cabin

The log cabin tiling in the corner shower is certainly one of a kind, and it is conveniently positioned right next to the opulently deep soaking tub in the bathroom.

At this property, you have access to everything that you wish, which enables you to relax and rest while you are staying there because you can fulfill all of your needs while you are there.

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