Discover Log Cabin The Ultimate Escape In This Mind-Blowing

Welcome to Log Cabin It is situated on a plot of land that encompasses 45 acres in total. The living area is a generous 1,620 square feet in size and features hardwood flooring, exposed wooden beams, cozy furniture, and an atmosphere that is evocative of a log cabin.


When it is chilly outdoors, the guests will gather in the living area around the stone fireplace to keep warm. This will take place whenever the weather is chilly.

Even if the rest of the family is seated at the dining room table watching cable television on the big flat screen, modern home equipment can still be used in the kitchen.

The Living Area

The rustic appeal of the log cabin’s interior design is one of its most endearing features! This fireplace is constructed out of stone and is situated on the back wall of the living space that is immediately inside the house.

There is a sufficient amount of room on each side of the fireplace for couches and chairs to be placed.


Behind the living room, there is a set of stairs that lead down to the basement. To prevent anyone from falling down those stairs, a railing has been installed there.

Take a good look at this wonderful perspective down to the basement stairs, where you can see even more of the beautiful woodwork that was used throughout the room.

To the left of the entrance is where you’ll find a little mirror and a stand for your hat. These two objects are not only unique but also beneficial.


The Kitchen

You will fall head over heels in love with the white log cabinets in the kitchen because they provide a magnificent contrast to the dark wood that is positioned around the walls.

log cabin


As a consequence, you will fall in love with the white log cabinets. The presence of contemporary appliances made of stainless steel and a tile backsplash designed in a modern aesthetic both contribute to the area’s overall appearance and help it appear more up-to-date.

The First Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The bedroom is one of my favorites in the house since it has a roll-top desk, a rustic barn door closure, and a little closet tucked away in the corner. In addition, it has a rustic barn door closure.

log cabin


A television that can be installed on the wall above the desk is a convenient addition for those times when they want to spend the evening lounging about the log cabin and watching their preferred movie on one of those nights.

The Second Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The old wood paneling and rafters in the bedroom give it a charming appearance and contribute to the room’s spacious feel. The room’s white walls provide a beautiful contrast to the wood paneling and rafters.

log cabin


In addition, there are beautiful huge windows that look out onto the external regions, which offer breathtaking views of the locations that are located in close proximity to the building.

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