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Luxury Blue Cabin In Ridge

In the episode, we will see the Cozy Mountain Cabin in Blue Ridge located in the United States Georgia Blue Ridges.


In the mountains of Blue Ridge Georgia at the ask a lux Hideaway a beautiful three beds three bath cabin that we’re going to give you a full cabin and show you what it’s like to stay.

The Living room

This living room has cozy furniture and a propane fireplace you’ve also got a desk bench and a place for your jackets and shoes and then this living room.


The Kitchen

This kitchen with the biggest island I have ever seen it sits six people and doubles as a dining table they also have all of your main appliances. and then you can see a coffee machine and the sink and have many countertops.


The Bathroom of the cabin

This room is very clean there has a toilet and shower mirror and you have a laundry room with a door.

The Master bedroom

This is the beautiful master bedroom with a king bed that is decorated beautifully so you can sleep with two people and it looks really comfortable.

The Bathroom of the cabin

This room is beautiful, and you can see a top deck extending the entire cabin length and right off the master bedroom.

The living space

This looks beautiful so you can see three couches and then the fireplace and if you keep right here you’ve got an outdoor dining table as well and then there is also a grill now the best part of this deck is the fact that there is a beautiful view from every angle you can even see mountains.

The Second bedroom

This room is on the first floor so you can see a bunk bed for the kid and a TV.

The Bathroom of the cabin

This is your full bath and you can enjoy your shower.

This is your big leather couch so you got a pool table and then off to my left lots of board games underneath the TV and it is very nice.

The Third bedroom

This one also has a king bed and a TV and then right off of it is full.

The Bathroom of the cabin

This is a full bath so this cabin is not only cozy but it’s got everything that you could want in a stay now I’m going to show you the deck real quick if you’re a host of an amazing.

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