Couple Living in a Low-Cost Tiny Cabin for More Financial

In the episode, we will see Couple Living in a Low-Cost Tiny Cabin for More Financial Freedom located in Coast Salish.

This Cabin is in that short 220 square feet and is very simply furnished with a kitchen, a bed, a wood stove, and a couple of stools. and this tiny cabin was self-built on a budget using mostly secondhand and reclaimed materials. In this cabin for the past 5 years.

The Kitchen of the cabin

In the kitchen this space is good so you have a gas stove and the blender, kitchen tools and a frying pan and then you can cook in the morning or lunch with the beautiful by a window from the outside it is very fresh and relaxing.


The Bedroom of this cabin

There’s the room you got a gorgeous bed and it’s a super good use of space here and little corner you can see a counter there’s have a lot of books and you can enjoy your studying and reading a story can make you feel good, and then you got two windows it’s bright and the outside you can see a beautiful view.


The Guest Bedroom

There’s the bedroom so this is like a little futon we have and people come in like crash here and it’s really great to have a second bed but also coach and it’s like kind of overflow storage a second space for sometimes meg gets up early in the morning and just needs to come to do her own thing and just like play a lot of music.  


The outdoor of the cabin

Outdoors of the tiny cabin you got a lower garden and storage drawers, this is like the woodshed slash workshop slash dry storage area that’s proving to be one of the hardest things on this property, especially living on the west coast it’s just like having enough covered dry flat space so this was like a full Woodstock.


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