Cottage in the Forest to Relax

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Imagine waking up to a beautiful morning and going for a stroll in the garden—what a relaxing way to start the day! So vivid in your thoughts, and you can only imagine how revitalised you’ll feel after visiting such areas.

This is the way nature is. Obviously, nature has the ability to alleviate all of your problems and pressures.

The Exterior

You are aware that having an interest in nature is hardwired into the human brain. For instance, the majority of people choose to book a room or flat with a balcony so that they can feel closer to nature. Furthermore, patients who have a view of vegetation in front of them heal faster. These are both facts. Therefore, you cannot argue that humans have no influence on their natural surroundings.

In the countryside while still being near the city.

It is possible to enhance the curative power of nature by simplifying one’s life and residing in a small space, such as a cabin or flat. The tiny house that was erected in Tapalpa, which will be the topic of our discussion, will serve as an excellent illustration of this point. This is an example that might be considered by people who are interested in owning a little house.

This teeny house can be found in Rancho Club Amigos de Tapalpa, which is only ten minutes away from the main part of the city. Tapalpa is a paradise on earth, and its breathtaking scenery draws visitors from all over the world. The lush vegetation of the area is excellent for the health of one’s eyes and also has a beneficial impact on one’s mental state.

In a garden enclosed by tall walls

On a foundation that was 495 square feet and was created as a single room in a much larger garden, our microhome was constructed. This space has a terrace that has a total area of 172 square feet. The terrace completely obstructs both the garden and the view of the surrounding forest. On each of the property’s four sides, there are tall walls that encircle the area where the little house is situated. The tiny house’s security can be guaranteed by these walls, which also contribute to the home’s charming appearance.

Brick and wood were the primary building elements that went into the construction of the small house. Bricks were used to construct the walls, but wood was used for the framework of the structure. The brick walls have not been covered with plaster; as a result, the weathered appearance of the bricks has become an elegant architectural element in the building. The exposed skeleton of wooden support beams has been painted black, which contributes to the overall robustness of the design.


A couple of items with an African aesthetic were included as accessories. In addition, there is a brick fireplace in this space, which is an absolute necessity when the temperature begins to drop.


The kitchen is located on the left-hand side of the tiny dwelling. Gross concrete was used to craft both the island and the counter that can be found in the kitchen.

This design, which has been increasingly popular over the past several years, works extremely well for the microphone. On the counter is where you’ll find the cooker island, where you may prepare all of your meals. A table can be found in the form of a portion of the island seat.

The bathroom of the tiny house has some concrete fixtures as well as other concrete components.

The bathroom of the tiny house is located between the kitchen and the bedroom.

This location may be found just across from the front door of the building.

The aesthetic appearance of rough concrete greets you as soon as you enter the bathroom, standing before you in all of its straightforwardness.

The concrete is used for the vanity top as well as the decorative elements surrounding the sink in the bathroom.

The little house’s garden has very little in the way of vegetation, but the extensive woods that surround the house more than make up for this deficiency.

The centrepiece fire pit will be an essential component of the wonderful nighttime chats that will take place.


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