Contemporary Log Cabin Foundations That Astound

Welcome to there is no such thing as a traditional tour in the world of log cabin tours, and Woodland Park is a great illustration of this concept among log cabin tours.


The building of this log cabin is done in the traditional log cabin style, which results in a sleek modern design that contains all of the woodwork that you enjoy, but in a more contemporary shape. Because of this, the home is completely modern.

The Inside

One other simple modification that can be made to the rustic log cabin to give it a more contemporary look is the installation of French doors that lead out to the garden.

The stunning wood ceilings and the white walls that are decorated with exposed beams are revealed when you take a glance along the hallway as you approach the room. The beams are exposed.


This particular combination is a wonderful example of how contemporary and traditional designs may be combined in a single piece of furniture.

Additionally, this brings attention to all of the open spaces that are spread around the log cabin and have a personality that is both warm and friendly. These open spaces are an integral part of the log cabin.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen itself is rather spacious, providing plenty of room for both cooking and dining. In a cozy and inviting space, one may prepare meals for oneself or one’s family, regardless of the purpose of the meal preparation.

The fact that there are seats with high backs arranged around the island bar makes me happy and gives a grin to my face. Consequently, not only does this result in the establishment of the ideal breakfast nook, but it also results in the supply of additional room for eating.


Taking a second look at the kitchen from this vantage point reveals that it is a very vast room, as can be seen in the previous explanation. Additionally,

in addition to the many storage nooks and log cabinet spaces that are spread around the residence, there is also a buffet that is situated under the window that leads to the garden. This buffet may be reached without much difficulty from the kitchen.


You may be able to get a peek at the kitchen if you are standing in this posture. The faucet that is put on the backsplash behind the stove is one of the things that is distinctive and appreciated at this location.

It is also one of the things that is particularly unique. One of the things that stands out as being unique is this faucet.


The Dining Table

We have decided to refer to the space that log cabins the dining room as the sunroom. This is the name that I have chosen to use. You will locate it just around the corner from where you are, exactly.

log cabin

In addition to being located on both sides of the room, French doors can be found leading out to the patio area, which is not only spacious but also quite appealing.

You have the ideal location for a dinner, which is located in an area that is distinguished by the presence of natural light and beauty. This is the case when all of these factors are taken into account.

The Master Bedroom of the Log Cabin

From a different perspective, the fireplace is located to the right of the bed, and there is a sitting space that is located directly across from the bed. Both of these features are visible when seen from a different angle.

log cabin

Adding it to a master bedroom that already has French patio doors, which provide you with a private entryway that goes out to the decks and garden, is the ideal addition to a master bedroom that already has French patio doors.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The master bathroom has a magnificent corner shower that is tiled and has a glass door. The shower surrounds the main bathroom. Because it is so magnificent, it goes without saying that you cannot ignore the master bathroom because it is so beautiful.

log cabin

In the corner of the room, there is a soaking tub that is surrounded by tile and is located under the windows. The tub is located at the side of the room.

This room is stunning, and it has a great deal of potential to become the spa sanctuary that you have been looking for in the convenience of your own log cabin. It has a lot of potential to become that.

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