Container House – The Super Low-Cost House In The Nature

In this episode, we will see The Super Low-Cost Shipping Container House In The Nature

This shipping container house is located in Brisbane, Queensland it was built by Paul and Cathy it’s about 2.6 high by six meters long it’s a modified 20-foot container.

The Exterior of the Container House

The exterior of this container house is very beautiful the wood door is perfect the window is gorgeous as well you can open up and sit from the outside like in the bar.

There are a lot of plants in the outdoor space and then you got a coffee table as well where you can enjoy your morning coffee with the fresh air and beautiful view.

Inside the Container House

The inside of this container house is very fantastic it’s very bright and opens it’s a tiny house but it’s very comfortable.

There is a couch right next to the wall with beautiful artwork on the wall and right behind is a little table and then a full-size fridge with storage right above.

There are a lot of floating shelves in here so you can store a lot of things that you want and then there is a beautiful ladder with some storage as well.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This is a kitchenette but it still has everything you need you got a big sink on the countertop and then a three-burner-stovetop.

There are a lot of cabinets underneath and above so you can store a lot of your kitchen utensils and right above that you got some plants as well with the low windows.

The Bathroom

This is a tiny bathroom so you got a vanity space on the right side, with a composting toilet and a huge mirror, and right across from that is your full-size shower space.Container house

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