Container House – Gorgeous Off-Grid Tiny Container Cabin

In this episode, we will see a Gorgeous Off-Grid Tiny Container House

Container house gorgeous off grid tiny container cabinWelcome to the gorgeous off-grid tiny shipping container House that sits in a perfect place surrounded by pine trees and snow everywhere it’s a perfect spot to relax.

There are a lot of shipping container homes on this property
There are a lot of shipping container homes on this property

The Exterior of the Container House

This tiny container house is pretty small it is an all-black design with a huge window that lets all the light in and has a fire pit area with some benches that you can enjoy with the property.

The Kitchenette of the Container House

This is a tiny kitchen but still has everything you need there is a huge countertop space and there are a lot of cabinets right underneath.

There is a mini refrigerator and a dishwasher and above that is your stovetop with a huge and deep sink and coffee maker and then you got a shelf above that to store something that you want.

The Bedroom of the Container House

This bedroom space is pretty comfortable there is a king-size bed next to the wall with a huge window and a night light that makes this tiny house feel cozier.

On this side, is your seating area there is a little table with a chair which you can eat something or do your work and then you got some storage underneath the bed as well.  

The Bathroom Space

This is your super beautiful bathroom space it’s a small bathroom but it feels comfortable there is your toilet right in the middle with some towels and hooks.

On this side, is your shower it’s a super nice shower it doesn’t feel like a tiny house bathroom that you might have been in or experienced and it just feels way too cramped and way too much.

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